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Different Tantric Massages Explained

Couples Massage

Tantric massage is exciting and exotic, it's also relaxing, helping you unwind and relax, while offering a complete range of health and wellness benefits. Not every tantric massage is the same, your massage may differ from what your friend experienced, as everyone experiences different feelings and physical responses during tantric massage sessions.

The Different Tantric Massages Explained

There are twelve common tantric massages that you can choose from. Each one provides you with the best in relaxation, while awakening your senses, allowing you to enjoy waves of pleasure, rolling in one after the other.

Aqua Massage

Aqua massage is often used as a prelude to another tantric massage, maybe body to body massage or Lingham massage. This type of massage starts with you in the bath or shower. Your beautiful masseuse is also naked and will gently soap your body with shower gel, allowing the warm water relax you, while her soft gentle cleansing, helps to awaken your senses.

Aqua massage is the ultimate cleansing massage that leaves you feeling clean and refreshed, ready to start your main massage session. 

Body to Body Massage

Body to body massage is an indulgent tantric massage where both you and your beautiful masseuse are naked. You lie back and relax, while your masseuse uses her body, rather than her hands, to gently caress, stroke, and massage your body. The thrill of seeing a beautiful girl working her body all over yours is exceptionally exciting, awakening your senses, allowing you to release any pent up stress and frustration.

Body to body massage is great after an aqua massage, allowing you to start your session clean, relaxed and ready to accept the waves of pleasure body to body massage provides.

Couples Massage

Couples massage is highly stimulating and appealing. Imagine two beautiful masseuses gently massaging you and your partner at the same time. You can see each others body reactions, hear what they say, and learn as you enjoy the waves of ultimate pleasure. 

This massage technique helps to relax you, while bringing you closer to your partner, providing you with a safe, comfortable and intimate experience that benefits you both.

Dark Tantric Massage

Do you have a kinky side? Do you enjoy trying different things? If so, then dark tantric massage may be just what you are looking for. Imagine combining the sensual art of tantric massage with a dominant twist. Dark tantric massage combines whips, smacks, sometimes bites to stimulate your body. Many feel that dark tantric massage is the best tantric massage experience as they feel every movement and pinch, their bodies reacting in ways you didn't know possible.

Fantasy Tantric Massage 

Have you been keeping your fantasy a secret? Tantric massage gives you the opportunity to live your fantasy, as a beautiful masseuse massages your entire body. Fantasy tantric massage is an added element of sensuality when enjoying a high quality authentic massage.

Let your deepest fantasies raise their heads, awakening your entire body to the wonderful and gentle caresses you receive from your erotic masseuse. It guarantees to provide you with the best in fulfilment and relaxation.

Four Hands Massage

Four hands massage has grown in popularity as the most indulgent tantric massage experience. Imagine not one, but two beautiful masseuses working on your entire body at the same time. They work in unison, allowing your body to feel and experience different touches, as they gently and respectfully stroke and caress your body for the ultimate in relaxation and release.

Four hands massage is a powerful tantric massage that enables you to feel every touch at a higher magnitude. You are already aroused by having two beautiful and naked masseuses working on your body, allowing you to enjoy the feelings of pure bliss, pleasure and satisfaction.

Happy Endings Massage 

If you have experienced tantric massage in the past, then you know that any of these massages can end with a happy ending as waves of pleasure roll over your body again and again. Happy endings massage is a wonderful and mind-blowing massage experience where your masseuse will help you relax and unwind, unlocking any sexual desires and allowing them to release.

She will bring you close to orgasm again and again, until eventually you are allowed to release. This massage technique is excellent for those with erectile dysfunction or who experience premature ejaculation.

Lesbian Massage

While the name Lesbian Massage, makes you think you need to be attracted to women to enjoy this massage, it is not true. This is the name given to a tantric massage provided by a woman on a woman client. That being said, this is a great massage opportunity for women who have always wondered what it would be like to be touched by a woman.

In some cases, women are more comfortable being naked in front of another female. It allows you to relax and allow all your burdens to wash away. The masseuse is respectful in her touches to provide you with the ultimate in pleasure and satisfaction.

Lingham Massage

Lingham massage is a tantric massage that is provided for men, focusing mainly on the penis. It involves both you and your masseuse being completely naked. She incorporates Lingham massage with body to body massage, awakening your entire body to the feelings of pure bliss and happiness.

During a lingham massage, it is not uncommon for men to experience multiple orgasms. Yes you read that right, multiple orgasms. Your masseuse harnesses her energy, helping you allow your own sexual energy to flow throughout your body. It is an exciting, erotic, and exhilarating massage session.

Naked Massage

Naked massage is exciting, sensual, and erotic. It can be performed on men and women. When you lie naked on the massage bed, you expose yourself. This massage helps to boost body confidence, while helping to reduce stress and anxiety, awaken your sexual energy, leaving you feeling happy, confident, and satisfied.

Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is slippery, exciting, and delightful. It uses a very slippery gel, made from seaweed. This Japanese massage technique allows your masseuse to glide and slide all over your naked body without causing any friction.

The slippery gel awakens all the nerve endings in your body, making you feel every movement your masseuse makes two-fold. It is a great massage experience, leaving you relaxed with heightened awareness and bursting with sexual delight.

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage incorporates authentic techniques with modern day movements to provide you with a relaxing and erotic massage experience. This is a very sensual massage that focuses on your inner energy, allowing it to flow through your body, providing you with a number of health and wellness benefits.

Every tantric massage experience is unique. They all offer you the best in relaxation, while being erotic and sensual. You will feel a boost in body confidence, your blood circulation will be improved, and it's known to improve sleep quality.

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