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Experiencing Your First Tantric Massage

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If you are reading this blog, we appreciate your curiosity and your interest in tantric massage. Tantric massage utilises energy and intention, creating a deep connection between the masseuse and client. It uses sexual energy to help you reach a higher state of consciousness. The aim is to open your chakras, increasing your overall well being, while helping you relax. 

It is a very intimate massage, performed naked, as your entire body, including your genitals are gently and respectfully stroked and caressed. 

What Will Happen During Your Tantric Massage Session?

Before your tantric massage, you will have a consultation with your masseuse, a quick chat to discuss what you are comfortable with and to set any boundaries. This ensures that you are automatically comfortable and relaxed, reducing anticipating, helping you experience the moment and enjoy the pleasurable waves you will experience during the session.

Tantric massage brings your body, mind and spirit together. You are massaged with flowing strokes that helps you relax. The masseuse also uses sexual energy techniques, including body work and breathing, helping you reach a heightened state of consciousness. It helps you connect with your inner self.

There isn't only one type of tantric massage. You will need to read through the tantric massage options and discuss what you expect with your experienced masseuse. Often, every session is unique, this is what adds an exciting element to the process. 

Tantric massage is an ancient massage practice that has been used for centuries to improve circulation, boost relaxation, and help to relieve stress and anxiety. Your masseuse will gently stroke and add pressure to your entire body, this includes your head, feet, hands, legs, back, buttocks, and genitals. Often music is incorporated to promote relaxation.

As a newbie to tantric massage, you may find yourself starting your massage session on your stomach and then turning onto your back. Other times your masseuse may only focus on the front of your body, using slow and sensual movements, caressing your entire body. Each movement is designed to balance the flow of energy coursing through your body. It creates a sense of pleasure.

Benefits You Can Expect After a Tantric Massage

It is so important when you go for your first tantric massage to not have any expectations. When you are not anticipating something, you will be more relaxed and able to enjoy the feeling of being in the now.

Tantric massage has proven beneficial for both men and women, boosting stamina, prolonging ejaculation and helping those with erectile dysfunction. For women, you may become more orgasmic, reducing stress and anxiety that is holding you back from enjoying a healthy sex life.
You learn about your body, what you enjoy and what you don't enjoy. This will help you in the bedroom at home, giving you the chance to voice your desires, helping your partner provide you with the best in intimacy during sexual intercourse.

Tantric massage combines touch with intention. It promotes transformation and healing, using techniques that stimulate just about every part of your body, unlocking your energy, breaking down blockages, leaving you with a sense of harmony and balance. It is a powerful way to balance your physical, mental and emotional state.

This type of massage helps to improve circulation, increase flexibility, reduce tension and stress, increase energy levels and libido, improving sleep quality, and reducing anxiety. After your session you will have a deeper connection with yourself, helping to release stored emotions, giving you the ultimate in freedom and happiness. 

Should You Try Tantric Massage?

If you are curious about tantric massage, then you should try it, you have nothing to lose. It is beneficial for men and women, helping improve your overall well-being. There are no risks to be worried about, though it is recommended that you form a bond with your masseuse, so that you feel comfortable with them when receiving your first tantric massage.

Tantric Massage vs Traditional Massage 

Traditional massages you receive at the spa are designed to help you relax, soothing aching muscles, while tantric massage is about awakening your senses, helping you connect with pleasurable touches, as your sexual energy flows through your body. 

Tantric massage uses a number of techniques that includes body work and breath work, often done naked. It is intimate, intense, and exciting, helping you enjoy deeper levels of pleasure, intimacy, and connection. 

It is a unique massage experience incorporating physical and energy touches, a powerful experience that offers long lasting benefits. 

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